“In our company, we view the opportunity to provide hands on training as a key pillar in our strategy for the adoption of new technology.  The adoption of new technology occurs much faster and safer when surgeons have the opportunity to use the product in a bioskills environment. We are committed to increasing the safety and efficacy of our technologies, and therefore our demands for hands-on training must increase to insure we achieve our desired results.”


“It is important that the doctors who come to our training programs take a moment of silence to honor the donors and the families of the donors who chose to make a difference.  There is no comparison to watching a new technique on the computer or reading about it in a medical journal.  Being able to learn in a realistic space prepared physicians to return to their hospitals with the skills needed which ultimately helps their patients.”

Each week, Platinum Training works with healthcare providers from around the country as they participate in bioskills education programs.   A critical component of hands-on education is the use of anatomical tissue in a safe, contained environment designed for surgical training.  To facilitate these advanced learning opportunities, Platinum Training works with non-transplant anatomical donation organizations (NADOs) that have been approved by Platinum Training that demonstrate high standards of excellence.  These providers work directly with donors and their families to facilitate the donation process.  Through these programs, Platinum Training is able to provide safe tissue throughout its network of education facilities.  

To ensure proper handling, the Platinum Training facilities were designed to care for donated anatomical tissue and maintain a chain of custody throughout the process.  Platinum Training also provides ongoing education to its employees on anatomical management.  With two medical doctors on staff, Platinum Training is committed to leading the way in building a meaningful experience that participants take back to their communities.  

Bioskills participants consistently share their gratitude after experiencing a hands-on training program.  Without the gift of donation, these training opportunities would not be possible.  It is the reason Platinum Training continues to pursue its mission.